Equal Opportunities Policy

New Era Academy hereafter NEA is wholly committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all, both in spirit and in practice.
NEA is committed to pursuing non-discriminatory policies and practice. It seeks to eliminate all unfair discrimination on grounds of disability, nationality, creed, colour, ethnic origin, religious faith, social background, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or political belief.

New Era Academy undertakes to promote equal opportunities through its contemporary, relevant syllabus, and day to day running of the company. NEA seeks to ensure that all those who work (either employed or voluntarily) for and with NEA have rights and responsibilities in relation to the promotion of equality. Further, NEA aims to ensure that equality of opportunity is considered in all activities, such as employing staff, recruiting and supporting teachers and Learners, the provision of workshops and conferences, teaching and the development of their syllabus.

NEA seeks to ensure that demonstrable and justifiable criteria are applied to all its examinations to ensure that they are judged against the required standard and assessed according to their performance on merit and ability.

NEA has a written Appeals procedure; a Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policy; and a Disability and Special Needs policy. These policies further outline NEA’s promotion of equality of opportunity of all.

NEA provides an examination in Communication for candidates with specific special needs. This examination can be tailored to meet the needs of the candidate. Teachers should contact the NEA office to agree a suitable programme that dovetails with each such candidate’s capabilities. There is no grading system for this examination but a certificate is awarded to them for taking part.

NEA recognises that it has a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that all employees (employed or voluntary) and users are treated with respect and in a fair manner. NEA will not discriminate unfairly, either directly or indirectly, against any employee (employed or voluntary) or user.

NEA seeks to take all necessary action to ensure that its equal opportunity policy is effective and implemented.

This policy is reviewed regularly and updated as required. This policy review and implementation is the responsibility of the New Era Academy Board of Directors.

Reviewed 26/11/2018