Group Examinations:

Transition – Grade 8 (Key stage 1 to 4)


UCAS Points: 8 – 30 subject to pass mark

Grades: 6, 7 and 8



This syllabus is designed for innovative schools to offer their Learners who are following the National Curriculum the advantage of developing enhanced speaking and listening skills, as well as gaining an extra qualification within the QCF. These examinations can be run alongside the National Curriculum for English and Literacy, delivered either within the classroom or as an after school club and carry UCAS Points.

At secondary level schools may opt to run this as a termly PSHE course. The Speaking and Listening syllabus helps support Learners in acquiring the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to manage their lives.

NEA’s nurturing, confidence building and well structured Speaking and Listening syllabus enables Learners to stretch and challenge their performance, creativity and imagination to develop the skills they need to achieve an NEA regulated qualification, through poetry, reading aloud, presentation skills, speaking in small groups, public speaking and listening and discussion skills.

These examinations sit well alongside Learners studying English.

These skills are vital for confidence and self assurance in children and young adults preparing them for secondary school, college, university and employment, building solid communication skills for their futures.

NEA’s Speaking and Listening Syllabus and Examinations are suitable for Learners from between the ages of 6 to 16.

For those who have the opportunity to take these exams before GCSE or A-Level they will benefit greatly from the skills they will develop.

Learning and Development

NEA’s Speaking and Listening graded examinations allow Learners to develop the art of discussion, an appreciation of poetry and literature, reading skills, presentation skills, public speaking, confidence and self assurance as set out in the NEA Syllabus through:

  • Planning and research
  • Memorising and speaking poetry
  • Reading aloud from a book
  • Preparing and giving a presentation
  • Discussion and critique within a group