Kim Ismay plays Frances in Kidnapped – A swashbuckling, ‘coming of age’ adventure

Support New Era's Chairperson Kim Ismay in this exciting new spring production of Kidnapped!!

New Era Academy is proud to promote a new production of “Kidnapped” by The National Theatre Scotland.

The production is touring this spring to Greenock, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Inverness, Perth, Newcastle, and Brighton between 28th March – 20th May 2023.

This is a wonderful new play by Isobel McArthur and MJ McCarthy, based on the popular Robert Louis Stevenson’s book “Kidnapped”.

Our very own, Kim Ismay who is New Era’s Chairperson and one of our esteemed examiners, plays Frances, the storyteller of this spectacular tale of pirates, high-seas adventures, and the battle of good against evil!

Kim, as Frances, tells us the story of recently orphaned David Balfour, a naive 19-year-old Protestant lad from the Scottish borders, who has never left home, never kissed a girl nor fired a gun. And so, he leaves home with just a hand-drawn map to seek, fun, adventure and justice for what is rightfully his, the family fortune.

He forms an unlikely friendship with the older, rebellious, adventurous, Catholic Jacobite, Alan Breck Stewart. But drama rapidly unfolds as David is kidnapped!! We follow his swashbuckling escapades with pirates and evil villains, a touch of romance, excitement, adventure, and heartfelt laughter.

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This is an enchanting ‘coming-of-age’ story, making sense of the world, good versus evil, and figuring out who you are and where you’re headed, and what it means to get back home again.

The production features a wonderful cast and is set in post-rebellion 18th-century Scotland with a 20th-century twist – with great music and entertaining characters.

So don’t miss out and book your tickets now!


28th  March to 20th May 2023

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